Animalia Apparel is a Scottish brand with a social heartbeat.

Scotland’s youth and adults are being left behind by reduction in community public funding. 

Services are stretched and are operating with little budget and resources. 

We believe we can be part of the solution.

The brand Animalia Apparel and the community programmes it powers through Animalia CIC.

Animalia Apparel creates world-class fight wear tested by World Champions and international athletes. The main clothing lines are high-performance clothing for combat sports such as Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts, BJJ, Boxing, Judo and Muay Thai.

The brand is promoted through our online channels and partnerships with gyms and athletes, with the majority of sales coming through the website animaliaapparel.co.uk and our partnerships with fight gyms. Through sales, the brand generates the income that funds the community programmes we deliver.

Animalia CIC exists to release the potential of every young person in Scotland – to enable them to take control of their lives, do what they enjoy and be an active part of their communities.

Through community programmes that focus on physical activity, mental resilience and connecting with life, Animalia shows the young people we work with what is already within them – strength to be their own person, courage to try and to fail, and the ability to be successful on their own terms.

“ To be a recognised brand in the uk, then Europe, to be self sustaining and use our position and finances to encourage people to unleash the animal and be a support to people who need a hand in life “.


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