“Hamilton Academical WFC are proud to be associated with Animalia Apparel. Since the beginning of our partnership in 2016, Animalia have supported 2 of our finest young athletes in the top division of Scottish Women’s Football allowing them to train more and achieve excellence as both players have been nominated as League Players of the Month with one winning in that time.

In addition, Animalia have kindly lent their name to our Player of the Match award and Players Player of the Season award where fellow athletes are recognised by their peers within the Club.

We firmly believer Animalia are doing great things and are thrilled by their own expansion into social and charity projects showing a real passion to help Scottish showcase their talents on a global stage. Not only is Animalia a strong brand with an incredible ethos, they provide first class clothing for sport and for casual wearers alike.

Animalia Apparel have the identity and just as importantly, the goods to back it up.”