LOVE is a one-of-a-kind organisation that funds outreach activities through corporate services. We are different to other outreach providers in that we identify gaps in existing services and tailor our outreach to the needs of each individual. We offer 24/7 crisis care where standard services operate during office hours.

Our outreach services include education support, employability, physical wellbeing and social care, while our corporate services include professional training and recruitment. We are motivated by our drive for social justice, inclusion and wellbeing. By identifying gaps and raising standards in outreach, we have developed a disruptive model that identifies opportunities to support vulnerable individuals in Scotland who would otherwise have limited or no access to the services they need. All of this activity is funded by our corporate services, which see us deliver bespoke and tailored professional training and recruitment services.

Our LOVE sport services provides wellness training to community-based sports clubs. It also offers employability, careers and mental health servies to professional athletes nearing the end of their sporting careers.