Our Impact and Aims

How we give back

We supported over 60 people through walking, youth work, providing kit that has a Social Value of over £1 million. All done with little resources.

We supported 35 residents of Govan and North Lanarkshire faced with mental health challenges by:

  • Enabling members in setting up and managing a fitness/health group
  • Providing free trips to the outdoors – creating access to positive environments
  • Setting group challenges in hill walking and overall fitness, increasing resilience, instilling sense of achievement and building positive relationships. 
  • Sunday talk and walk – encouraging safe and supportive conversations regarding mental health, signposting to local and national support agencies.


Animalia Reaches Out

We aim to work with 15 young people and 6 local youth agencies within a 10-week programme through:

  • Pro-actively engaging with young people in disadvantaged areas (on the streets and within youth clubs)
  • Working within youth clubs and local gyms to provide fitness and sport sessions.
  • Improve resilience through development of coping strategies, conflict resolution techniques and self-esteem building exercises.
  • Increased access to other sports facilities, such as 5 aside pitches and cross training gyms.
  • Promote positive community engagement and reducing re-offending.

    Animalia Nurtures

We aim to work with young athletes from challenging backgrounds by:

    • Providing affordable sports equipment & gym residence 
    • Empowering them to lead events and training sessions for people in local communities
    • Free social media expertise and support
  • Developing sponsorship opportunities and wider relationships with sports bodies
  • Reducing socio-economic barriers to a career in sports